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    Vision and values

Governor vision and values statement 

Joseph Cash is a diverse, caring and inclusive community of learners who are resilient, enthusiastic and ambitious. As governors, we want to ensure our school community provides every opportunity to enable our children to become happy, confident and aspirational individuals who are successful lifelong learners.           To achieve that, the governing body will support and challenge the leadership team and staff to deliver a balanced, enriched and stimulating curriculum and foster a ‘can do’ attitude that enables every child in our school to make the best possible progress.

What do Governors consider to be the strengths of Joseph Cash Primary School?

September 2018~Menti poll

What JC's School Self Evaluation (SEF) says about the Governing Body

  • Governors have created a culture that enables pupils and staff to excel. This is evident through the appointment of staff, rigorous Headteacher, Deputy and Assistant Headteacher appointment, Governors are clear about their vison for the school, what they want and how they want the school to move forward.
  • The quality of staff training and provision is shown through the Apprentices that have trained at the school and then achieved permanent contracts.
  • Governors focus on consistently improving outcomes for all pupils through a clear ethos based around training for all staff and continuous self-improvement.
  • Governor aspirations are high and there is clear challenge through questions in Governing Body meetings and Governor visits to school.
  • Governors have a deep, accurate understanding of the schools effectiveness, this knowledge is developed though ‘spotlight’ sessions i.e. Safeguarding, Child Protection and SEND. It is through these visits to school that Governors can develop an in-depth knowledge and awareness of areas to improve and next steps for the school.
  • Governors are aware of the high quality CPD that takes place in the school for all layers of staff; kitchen staff, Senior Leadership team, Admin Team, Teachers, Learning Mentors etc.
  • The Governing Body feels strongly that the’ Over Coming Barriers’ Team has a big impact on the school and supports pupils at an appropriate level, thus enabling pupils to succeed at a level appropriate to them.
  • Governors judge the Pastoral Team to be outstanding due to the level of support which is provided to all families. All staff go above and beyond. Staff know families well and are able to offer a range of support ranging from someone to talk to, support with charity applications, support with benefits, links to external agencies , job seekers support. In addition to this, pupils are supported extremely well in school.
  • The Pastoral Team also links directly to supporting the behaviour of pupils across the school. There has been a large amount of successful work completed, enabling pupils to access their lessons and complete work successfully.
  • There is always a range of discussions that take place to discuss what is right for the school. Governors review what is value for money.
  • Governors have a secure understanding about the Pupil Premium and Spots Premium spending. There have been focused Governing Body meeting linked to these areas. Pre ad post questionnaires show how Governor knowledge has developed due to these discussions.
  • The Governing Body strive for pupils to attain above National.