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Cashanory is our story telling page, that allows children and their families to listen to stories being told  at home.

Stories are read by a variety of people; staff, children and even a famous author! 

At Joseph Cash  we feel passionate about children of all ages having the opportunity to listen to stories and throughly enjoy the pleasure that listening to stories can bring.

So, sit back ... relax... and choose a story to listen to... 





Family Cashanory 

Special Edition: Ruth Eastham

We had a lovely visitor into school this week. Ruth Eastham, author of The Memory Cage, came to inspire our Year 6 learners. Check out her fantastic Cashanory! She is reading one of her other fabulous books :)


Special Edition: The Gruffalo Rapped by MC Grammar and Mrs Nettey

Wow! The children had an amazing time when MC Grammar came to visit our school. Click here for the recording of 'The Gruffalo'. Can you rap the ending?

Special Edition: Heard it in the playground Read by Mr Dyson from Parklands School, Leeds

This year for Cashanory, we are asking inspirational teachers, leaders and staff from around the country to read their favourite text. Mr Dyson (Parklands School in Leeds) has kindly offered to share his favourite poem for national poetry week. Let us know what you think :) 

Roald Dahl Special 'The Magic Finger' Read by Mrs Nelson

As today celebrates Roald Dahl Day, Mrs Nelson has read the first chapter of 'The Magic Finger'. Do you like the story? You can find the book in our library. Let us know how it ends!


Author  - Nick Corston

Wow! What a day full of adventure! Nick has kindly read one of his short stories for you to share as a family.

 Author - Nicki Thornton 

 We were fortunate enough to have author Nicki Thornton visit JC and read a chapter of her own book 'Last Chance Hotel' as one of our guest Cashorny tellers.