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Weekly JCV’s Challenge

What is the weekly Joseph Cash Values Challenge?



Every Friday in assembly, Mrs Nelson will tell the whole school what the next challenge is. It is always an object. It is then up to the pupils if they decide to enter, what materials they will use, if they ask anyone at home to help and how they will make or draw the item.

This is an opportunity to use all of our school values … be resilient, try new things, make brave choices, understand others and never give up!

Pupils have to show resilience, as it might not go right on the first try. It may be that they are trying to do something they have never done before and so they have to try hard and never give up. Pupils have to be creative and think about what resources they can access. They can work together with other pupils or ask family members at home to help.

On a Friday all the entries are shown in assembly and a winner is picked for an instant prize!

All children have a book mark and every week when pupils enter their book mark is stamped. Once you have all box boxes completed you get an instant FAB shop prize!

Idmane in Year 6 is currently in the lead and is on her 8th book mark!!

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