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In science, we aim to inspire our children by giving them the opportunities to pursue their natural curiosity, promoting the experience of exploring and investigating scientific phenomena, in a range of contexts, to ensure a continually developing knowledge and understanding of the world around them. Our children will be encouraged to ask questions, take risks, experiment, reflect, make and learn from mistakes, in a safe environment whereby they acquire and apply core skills which equip them for an ever-changing world. While not all our children will follow a career in science or related disciplines when they leave education, science literacy will influence their lives daily: this means that the science we develop at JCP is of vital importance to individuals and the world's well-being.


See below to learn more about the areas of science that we cover in our curriculum and some guidance on our assessments.

Science Assessment Statements Year 1-6

Science Overviews 


Principles for Teaching Science

With every session that is taught we ensure that we have consider each of our principles, to ensure that learning is fun, engaging and interactive. 



Science in Action