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What are the best three things about Joseph Cash Primary? 

   At the start of their Computing lessons, we all pupils in KS2 to complete an anonymous poll online. 

The larger the word, the more children wrote it. 

11 Million Takeover Day 

On Friday 23rdNovember The Participation Team from Coventry City Council held an 11 Million Day event where children and young people came together with adults to discuss issues that affect them. They worked together to discuss the issues and think about possible solutions. Children and young people attended from a number of primary schools across the city as well as youth groups including The Positive Youth Foundation, Coventry Youth Council and Grapevine. Professionals from a variety of services joined in discussions including Education, Police, Health, Mental Health and Childrens Services; Elected Members were also warmly welcomed. Below is a summary of the discussions, ideas and solutions shared by the children and young people around three topics: Crime, City of Culture and Wellbeing

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Pupil feedback gathered to form the Children's Self Evaluation of the School. 

How would describe our school?  Amazing, sensible and kind
Big, good and supportive
Fantastic, marvellous
Happy, best learners
Always we learn together
The children that come to our school are ... Resilient and try new things
Kind, generous and wonderful
On time every day
Fantastic, epic
Good learners
The best things about Jc are ... Children never give up and always try. 
We always help each other. 
We do different activities and the people that didn't know English have translators. 
There different types of clubs people can get better a.t
Teachers are kind, they help people learn English. 
Playtime and lunchtime 
Learning time
Get learning time
Celebrating other children’s work. 
Fab tokens and fab shop and prizes. 
WOW weeks and camping
Forest school
Golden afternoon tea
Our school is ... Colourful
Like a rainbow
Fun and safe equipment – we always have teacher when playing on slide
Equipment is not easy to break
Everyone has something to do
Good books and good learning
Good values characters displayed
Inspire because it shows characters from books
Influence us
What are our values and how do they help you? 

Try new things Taylor – it helps me in everything I do, in maths in the morning and in the afternoon Creative Curriculum and art and that always makes me try new things.

Resilient Ronnie and Understanding Other Ullie help me – for example if I do good in Maths and someone doesn’t like Maths or doesn’t get it, I can help them. Resilient Ronnie because if I’m doing a hot write and I can't do it I don’t give up and I keep doing it.

Make Brave Choice because every single day, if you didn’t know what do like the column method you could keep making a brave choice and try and tell you teacher.

Never give up Neiko – it helps because if I’m doing something really hard, it helps me to keep doing it and never give up.

What makes your learning interesting and enjoyable?

Because we get to learn about some things in the past and I didn’t know because I wasn’t born then. We have been learning about Mayans and Egyptians and learning what they eat .

It is interesting because we always learn something new and it’s interesting in RE, Creative curriculum.

It’s interesting because we don't just do learning on paper, the teachers help us, we get to do partner work and work as a big family like a team.

I think its interesting to learn about things from the past as we didn’t exist back then, like the stone age and bronze age an iron age.

In art we learnt how to use shading methods.

It’s nice when everyone works together.

There is different equipment to use like in art – charcoals and oil paints and pastels and it helps our art methods.

When it’s not hard.

Gives me a challenge and a way to try my things by myself.

I enjoy my learning by working hard and challenging myself.

It’s interesting when we learn all about stuff like in English.

For more pupil feedback read the full children's SEF ... Coming soon!