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Pastoral Team

At Joseph Cash we have an outstanding 'Pastoral Team,' who are always willing to go the extra mile got support our children and families. 

The Team are proactive in supporting families and children through a range of methods and strategies. 

The Red Bus

Stay and Play 

Parent Partnership 

In School Support 

External Agencies 

Health Care 

Medical Updates  

1-1 Learning Mentor Support for children:

1-1 Sessions to support children on a wide range of topics. (These are tailored for the individual child)
• Anxiety and worries
• Relaxation
• Friendships
• Personal Hygiene
• E Safety
• Coping with Change
• Behaviour
• Bereavement
• Road Safety
• Stranger Danger
• Protective Behaviours
• Wishes and Feelings
• Transition


We are a Thrive school. Learning Mentor team each use the Thrive techniques and strategies to support children to develop. We are part of using a whole school approach to support identified children or can deliver 1-1 bespoke support.
Protective behaviours: Learning Mentors deliver Protective Behaviours sessions to individual children, we help children to identify a safety network of adults at home and school they can share their worries with and get help. This also includes work around identifying and naming feelings that can feel good and not so good and talk about how these feel inside, giving a sense of rights and privacy and sharing values of bodies belonging to the individual child.

Behaviour & Thrive Team 


Learning mentors can work with children 1-1 to support children to feel good about coming to school and work through any problems related to this. Learning mentors run a reward scheme to support good school attendance. This includes individual prizes, class prizes, reward charts, morning routine help charts, home visits. The team also co-ordinate a walking bus daily to collect children and walk them safely to school.



Learning Mentor Team support children in school by delivering 1-1 targeted behaviour work, this can give children strategies to identify what helps them to do the right thing and think about possible behaviour triggers. Learning mentors can support children in class to keep them on the right track when required. We are able to support children to develop reflection skills and plan for future scenarios.

Behaviour & Thrive Team 

Lunch time nurture club:

Learning Mentors provide a structured play space away from the playground where children are nurtured and supported to develop friendship and co-operation skills.


Learning Mentor team create risk assessments and put plans in place for children who have medical requirements or have sustained an injury to be able to come to school.

Medical Updates 

Health Care 

 Parent Partnership:

Learning Mentor Team work closely with parents to work together around
• Children’s behaviour at home and school
• Attendance and overcoming barriers to get children into school
• Feedback on 1-1 sessions
• Offer Help: signpost or make referrals to agencies for support/ advice
• Parenting group 10 week course
• Stay and Play group
• Coffee Mornings
• Afternoon Tea sessions
• Provide a listening ear for parents to chat about anything they may be worried about
• Celebrate children’s achievements

Parent Partnership 

Friends of Joseph Cash:

Learning mentors coordinate a register of parents who would like to come into school and share their skills. Share a story, talk in different languages, play an instrument, hear children read, gardening, arrange or help out at a school event, face paint, and a whole host of other skills that parents can offer.
We co-ordinate an Agency friends of Joseph Cash Register. Agencies sign up to support school and to work alongside staff parents and their children.
All members of the Friends of Joseph Cash scheme members commit to adhering to our school ethos and values.

Friends of Joseph Cash 

External Agencies:

Learning Mentors work with a whole range of external agencies in a variety of ways…

We Signpost or complete referrals for families to access the support they choose to access:

  • Coventry Haven who support parents to access advice on Domestic Violence, access legal advice, create safety plans, provide emergency accommodation advice
  • Coventry Women's Partnership who link to a whole range of other agencies for women to access training opportunities and develop their skills, widen their network.
  • Foodbank and clothes bank, charities to obtain food clothes beds and household goods
  • Breakthrough project which aims to help parents into work through small steps, provide benefit advice, apply for charity grants, give debt advice
  • Heat And Eat – how to economically heat your home and make meals
  • Switch and Save – change gas and electricity supplier as part of a large group and access tarrifs not on the open market to save money and get the best deal


We have a number of agencies who come into school and work with our children: 

  •  To support children with their E-safety knowledge, we work with Streetwise who come into school and deliver information sessions for parents and for children in year 5 and 6.
  • Protective behaviours, we work with agencies who come in and deliver sessions to children from reception to year 6 throughout the school year.
  • School Nurses, they are able to support individual children and their families on a range of subjects, learning mentors refer to them and they also attend some school events and groups.
  • Community Police are able to work with small groups or year groups of children to talk about a range of subjects. Such as friendships and safety.
  • The Fire service provide safety leaflets for parents to access, arrange home fire safe checks, talk to our children about people who help us.

External Agencies