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At Joseph Cash Primary School, we truly believe that every school day counts towards your child's future!

Attendance Policy


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Being On Time

  •  The school day starts at 8:40a.m. Being on time supports your child to have a settled start to the school day. Learning begins immediately after registration.

  •  Breakfast club is available and children can attend anytime between 8:00 and 8:30a.m. and costs just £1.50 per session. This can help to ensure your child is on time for school

Holidays and Appointments

  •  There are 365 days a year, only 190 of these are school days. Holidays and doctors/dentist appointments should be made outside of the school day. Non-emergency appointments will not be authorised.

  •  Hospital appointments will be authorised only when an appointment letter is presented at main reception.

  •  Holidays during term time will not be authorised.

  •  A PENALTY NOTICE may be issued for any unauthorised absence.

  •  We understand that children are sometimes poorly. Parents MUST telephone school on the morning of absence giving a clear reason for absence (02476 594851)

  • If you for decide to take pupils out of school for a holiday you need to either write a letter to the headteacher explaining or meet with the headteacher to discuss. You will then be directed to complete a yellow form from the office.
  • Pupils who are absent from school and we do not have information about where they are will be reported as Missing in Education to the local Authority.


 If a reason for absence is not provided by 10am then you will receive a phone call or a home visit from a member of staff.

If your child’s attendance falls below 95%, school will require proof of illness in the form of prescribed medication or a Doctors note for all absences.
Unimproved absence will result in a parent meeting with the Head teacher or support from the school’s Education Welfare Of-ficer.

Support and Advice

If you need support to improve your child’s attendance or punctuality, please ask at main reception to speak to amember of the Learning Mentor Team who can offer lots of advice, support and ideas

What absence means for your child 

  • 10 days absence would mean 95% attendance.
  • 19 days absence would mean 90% attendance.
  • 29 days absence would mean 85% attendance.
  • 38 days absence would mean 80% attendance.
  • 47 days absence would mean 75% attendance.

Good attendance is important because; 

  • Statistics show a direct link between educational achievement and absence levels. Higher absence can lead to lower achievement.
  • Regular attenders make better progress, both socially and academically.
  • Regular attenders find school routines, school work and friendships easier to maintain.
  • Regular attenders find learning more satisfying.
  • Regular attenders find transition points easier to manage.

 Please speak to Miss Salter (Learning Mentor) or the admin team if you have any questions


As we similarly encourage excellent attendance, so too do we consider punctuality as significant to your child's learning, in addition to developing a necessary life skill.

  • 5 minutes of lateness every day = 3 days of school lost a year.
  • 10 minutes of lateness every day = 6.5 days of school lost a year.
  • 15 minutes of lateness every day = 10 days of school lost a year.
  • 20 minutes of lateness every day = 13 days of school lost a year.
  • 30 minutes of lateness every day = 19 days of school lost a year.

If you arrive to school late with your child, you will be asked to register them using our login system in the Reception area providing a reason for their lateness. 

Pupils lateness is entered and where children are persistently late a letter will be sent home half termly informing patent how many minutes of lost learning have taken place. 

All classes start their lessons are 9am. 

8.40am-9am is a soft opening, providing children with the opportunity to take part in additional learning opportunities in the classroom. During  this time we also provide breakfast bagels for all children, through Magic Breakfast club funding.