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Nursery - Summer 2020

Home learning week beginning 13.07.20 

As I write this, I can’t believe we are in the final week of the school year! It has certainly been a unique and unusual year, but I have been so impressed with how well Nursery have adapted to a new way of learning. With that in mind our story this week is called “Breathe” by Scott Magoon, all about a little whale, the journey he makes and the different things he sees along the way. 

Here is a link to the story for you to watch. 


Just like the whale you have been on a fantastic journey in Nursery, taking part in lots of new experiences and making lots of friends along the way 😊  

  • What have you enjoyed most about being in Nursery class this year?
  • What activities did you really enjoy doing?
  • Think about all your friends in Nursery. Who have you enjoyed playing with?
  • What are you most looking forward to about starting in Reception class?



Can you make your own whale like the one in our story? Below are a few ideas.


Can you do the whale yoga pose?

I have set a 2do task on Purple Mash for you to design your own fish. Experiment with the different patterns and colours. Here is mine to give you an example!


Have a think about different things you would like to do over the summer break. Talk to your grown ups and make a list, see how many of them you can tick off before we go back to school!


Mrs Ward loves this poem:

Can you make a rainbow handprint to go with it?



A goodbye message from me. 


Have a fantastic summer break. Baby Ward and I will see you very soon 😊

Home learning week beginning 06.07.20

This week our story is Handa’s Surprise by Eileen Brown.

Click on the link below to listen to Mrs Ward read it.

Here are some activities for you to try this week. Don’t forget to let me know how you are getting on with your learning by tweeting @cashprimary or sending an email into school@josephcash.coventry.sch.uk. I reply to everything I receive 😊


After you have listened to the story, have a go at answering these questions.

Speaking, Understanding & Discussion

  • Where was Handa going?
  • How did Handa carry her basket?
  • Can you remember which animals took fruit from Handa’s basket?
  • Do we see these animals when we go on walks?
  • Why was Handa surprised at the end?
  • If you were going to collect some gifts for a friend, what would you give them?



  • Draw a map of Handa’s journey to her friend Akeyo.
  • Draw a picture of a fruit bowl and add your favourite fruits. Can you write your name?
  • Listen out for the sounds at the start of each fruit name. What sound is at the beginning of…






pineapple etc


Here is an animated version of the story for you to listen to and enjoy!



  • Find a selection of different fruits. Can you order them from smallest to biggest? Heaviest to lightest?
  • Maths challenge! Click on the link to play this maths game. First you need to try and catch the falling fruit in your basket, then you have to count how many. Can you show the amount on your fingers?



Expressive Arts & Design

  • Can you paint your own African pattern? You will need some paint and some cotton buds. Below are some examples. You could ask a grown up to draw an animal for you to decorate, or even write your name for you to follow. Or you could make your own pattern. It’s up to you!

  • Make a paper plate African necklace. 

Physical Development

  • Go on a walk. What different animals did you see?
  • Listen to some African music and make up your own dance!
  • There are 7 different fruits in our story this week. Maybe you could try some of them? E.g pineapple, mango, avocado, passionfruit. Which was your favourite?


Understanding the World

  • Handa’s Surprise is set in a country called Kenya. Ask a grown up to help you find it using Google Maps. Look at how far away it is from where we live.
  • How do you think we would travel to get there?
  • What is the weather like there?
  • Is it different to where we live? Why?
  • Research some facts about Kenya with a grown up. What did you find out?


Have a fantastic week 😊

 Home learning week beginning 29.06.20

This week our story has a long title! It is called: ‘The Little Mouse, the red ripe strawberry and the big hungry bear!’ 

 Click below to listen to Mrs Ward read the story.

Here are some activities for you to try this week. Don’t forget to let me know how you are getting on with your learning by tweeting @cashprimary or sending an email into school@josephcash.coventry.sch.uk. I reply to everything I receive 😊


  • Make a fruit salad with your grown up. Have a go at halving some of the fruits like when the mouse halves the strawberry. Use this as a counting opportunity too, how many grapes will you use? etc. Please tweet in a picture I would love to see! 


  • Make a house for mouse using materials such as recycling. Small enough to keep the bear out but big enough for the mouse to fit inside!


  • I have set another Purple Mash to do. This time can you have a go at making a bowl of fruit? Here is my example below. Email the school if you need to know your login 😊

  • The mouse in the story shares his strawberry. As a maths tasks can you gather some toys together and put them into 2 piles. Can you count and sort them so that each pile has the same amount?


  • Have a search outside for any natural objects on the floor such as twigs, leaves and flowers. Can you make your own natural collage picture with the materials you have found?

  • Another nature activity for you to try. Go on a leaf hunt outside and collect any you find on the floor. Can you order the leaves from shortest to longest? Then why not have a go at making your own leaf rubbing picture.

  • What do flowers and plants need to grow? If you’re lucky enough to have some flowers or plants in your garden can you help to take care of them?


  • I’ve found a game you can play on a tablet. Help the bee to collect the pollen from the flowers.





  • Go on a minibeast hunt. Make a tally of the different insects you see. Bees loves flowers, see if you can spot any outside.


 Have a lovely week!

Home learning week beginning 22.06.20

This week our story is Elmer by David McKee.

Click on the link below to listen to Mrs Ward read the story!

Here are some activities for you to try this week. Don’t forget to let me know how you are getting on with your learning by tweeting @cashprimary or sending an email into school@josephcash.coventry.sch.uk. I reply to everything I receive 😊


How does Elmer turn himself into a grey elephant colour?

Why don’t the other jungle animals recognise Elmer on his walk back to the herd?

What does Elmer do to make the other elephants jump?


Why do you think Elmer turned himself grey like the other elephants?

Do you think Elmer was happy when he was elephant coloured?

Expressive Arts & Design

Design your own patchwork elephant! What colours and patterns will you include?

Look at these delicious elephant cookies! Maybe you could have a try at baking something similar?

 Make a collage of Elmer using lots of different materials.

I have set a ‘2 do’ task on your Purple Mash account. Login to create your own colourful elephant for Elmer’s Day. I’ve had a go too but I’m sure yours will be much more creative! Please email the school if you have forgotten your login.



  • Make an invitation to the other elephants inviting them to celebrate Elmer’s day.
  • Keep practising your name writing whenever you can.
  • Click to listen to this video of different letter sounds. Are they stretchy or bouncy? Can you remember which sounds they make?


  • Keep practising your counting whenever you can, especially to 20 and back again.
  • Look out for different numbers around you when you are on a walk.
  • Here is a link to a shape game. You use the shapes to create different animals. Can you name the shapes and match them up correctly?



Personal, Social & Emotional Development

  • Elmer looks and acts different to the other animals and in the end, he realises it is ok to be different! Talk to your grown up and see if you can finish this sentence: “I am one of a kind because……”
  • Elmer is good at making his friends laugh. Have a think about something you are good at. What about other members of your family, what are they good at?

Here is a lovely story to listen to all about why it is ok to be different!


  • Don’t forget to stay active this week by going for walks or doing some exercise at home. Use this as another counting opportunity. How many times can you jump in 1 minute? How many times can you hop?
  • Can you create a large chalk drawing of Elmer outside?

Check out Elmer’s own website for more activities that you can try too.




 Have a lovely week 😊

Home learning week beginning 15.06.20

This week our story is Farmer Duck!  Watch and listen to Mrs Ward read the story by clicking on the link below!   


Here are some activities for you to try this week. Don’t forget to let me know how you are getting on with your learning by tweeting @cashprimary or sending an email into school@josephcash.coventry.sch.uk. I reply to everything I receive 😊


Communication and language:

After listening to the story, discuss these questions with your grown up.

  • Who did the duck live with?
  • What did the farmer do all day?
  • Why was the duck fed up?
  • Why did the other animals get very upset?
  • What happened to the farmer in the end?


What do these words mean?   LAZY    WEEPY   DAWN   WADDLED

Listening: Play this animal sound listening game. What different animals can you hear?



  • Read this non-fiction e-book all about different animals on the farm. https://readon.myon.co.uk/reader/index.html?a=ff_anim_s19
  • Draw a picture of different animals you find on the farm. Can you write your name on it? Can you label the animals?
  • What letter sound can you hear at the start of:
  • duck
  1. cow
  2. pig
  3. goat
  4. farmer



Expressive Arts & Design

  • Make your own farm! What animals will be on your farm? Think about different indoor and outdoor areas that you will need.


  • Make puppets for the farmer and the duck and retell the story!
  • Paint a farm picture.


Personal, social and emotional development

  • Spend some time playing and using your imagination with your home-made farm.
  • Be kind and help to do some of the chores around the house, just like when the other animals helped the duck in our story.


Understanding the world

  • Pick your favourite farm animal and use the internet to research different facts about them. Why are these animals kept on a farm? What kind of jobs do farmers have to do to look after them?
  • Follow this link to have a look at some farm animals live on webcam!





  • Do some exercise such as jumping, hopping or skipping. Stop and feel your heartbeat. What do you notice? Why do you think it is important to exercise?
  • Make a tractor outside in your garden that is big enough for you to sit in! Send in a photo!

 Have fun! 

Home learning week beginning 08.06.20

This week our story is Pizza Kittens! Here is the link to the video, I hope you enjoy listening.


Here are a list of different activities for you to try this week. Pick which ones you want to try on different days. Don’t forget to still tweet in or email you learning to the school.


  • Draw your favourite meal. Can you add your name to the picture?
  • Draw a new character for the story. What animal would you choose? What is their name?
  • Look back on previous phonics videos and practise different letter sounds.
  • Find a few of your favourite stories and find some quiet time to look through them.
  • Here is the link to our Cashanory page. Listen to some stories read by some familiar faces! https://www.josephcashprimary.com/Learning/Cashanorey/



  • Make your own shape pizza! 


  • Play what’s the time Mr Wolf? What time will dinner be?
  • Ask a grown up to write numerals 0-5, 0-10 or 0-20. Mix them up, can you put them in order? Can you count out the matching amount of objects?

Expressive Arts & Design:

  • Make a vegetable printing picture.
  • Have your own playdough pizza parlour.
  • Make your own junk model cat.
  • Make some cat ears and pretend to be one of the characters from our story.



Understanding the world:

  • Make your own pizza in the kitchen for dinner! Don’t forget to send in pictures!
  • Where do you eat your dinner? Do you sit at the table, Do you sit on the sofa or the carpet?
  • Help to set out the table for dinner by carefully putting down knives and forks. Count them as you go. How many will you need for your family?



  • Make sure you stay active by going for walks, riding your bike/scooter, jumping, dancing, exercising.
  • Help to hang the washing out on the line! (Using pegs helps develop strength in your fingers!)
  • Shaving cream handwriting. Practise forming different letters.


Nursery home learning week beginning 01.06.20


Why do we do funky fingers? To make your fingers strong for writing! Here are a few ideas for you to try :) 

1. Sticker names Ask a grown up to write your name as big as possible on a large piece of paper. Use your funky fingers to unpick the stickers and place them on your name. If you don't have any stickers, use a sharp pencil to carefully push through all along the outline of your name! 

2. Ice transfer Again this doesn't have to be ice, it can be anything small you can find. All you need is a pair or kitchen tongs, tweezers or a peg to practise picking up, gripping and transferring the objects. This will build up the muscles in your fingers to help with pencil grasp! 

3. Shadow drawing What a nice idea! 

4. Let's get active! Another Nursery favourite to dance to ! 


Thursday 4th June 

Just to let you all know that from next week Nursery's online learning will be changing. Instead of daily tasks I will post ideas weekly on a Monday. You can then choose which activities you want to try each day. As always there will be a weekly theme around a story :) 

Reading:Here is a great e-book with fantastic pictures and facts all about the moon! Have a read through with a grown up and see what different facts you can find out! 


Number: 1. Go on a colour hunt around your house, gathering objects of different colours. 

                  2. Put all of the objects into a pile before sorting into separate colours. 

                 3.  Estimate how many you think there are in each colour group.

                 4. Count and check. Which group has the most? Which has the least? 

                   5. As an extra challenge make a tally for the amount in each group and then have a go at writing the                corresponding  numeral. 


Wednesday 3rd June

Technology: Use Purple Mash to make your own moon picture using technology. Just click on this link and use your login (email the school if you can't locate it and I'll send it out to you) 


Here's one I made earlier! It was lots of fun! 

Can you make your own aeroplane using recycling, Lego or anything else around the house? 



The author of 'The way back home' is called Oliver Jeffers. He has a fun website with lots of other activities that you can try. Click on the link to explore :) 


Tuesday 2nd June 

Here are a few more activities for you to try at home :) 

Expressive Arts and Design: Check out these fantastic moon paintings! Can you try and make your own moon picture today? Maybe you could add the Boy or the Martain to yours! 



The World: Is there a plant, tree or flower in your house or garden that you can look really closely at? What do you think they need to grow? How can we show care and concern for living things and the environment? 

Have a go at an observational drawing of a plant, tree or flower. Look closely at the colour and detail. 


Song time: I've found a song about going to the moon that you might find familiar! Can you join in with the words? Can you think of any other space songs? 


Monday 1st June

Hello everyone! I hope you had a lovely half term with your family in the sunshine. I miss you all lots but will continue adding new activities for you to try at home. I love seeing what you get up to so don't forget to send in pictures to the school email or tweet tagging @cashprimary


Reading: Our learning week always starts off with a new story to listen to. This week is one of my favourites: 

The way back home - Enjoy! 

Discussion: Who are the main characters?

What happens at the beginning, middle and end of the story? 

If you found an aeroplane in your cupboard, what would you do? 


Writing: Can you draw your favourite part of the story? 


Maths: The boy in our story finds and flies and aeroplane! Today can you make some paper aeroplanes and measure how far they travel? You could set different marks and see how far you can get your plane to fly. 



Understanding the world: Have a try at this fun science experiement and carefully look at the changes! 



Home learning w.b 18.05.20


Here are some more fun activities for you to try today to make those fingers strong and to help with your pencil grip! 

1. Pokey holes

All you need is a sieve/colander and some pipe cleaners or spaghetti! Count as you go, how many can you do?

2. Scrunching foil

How many tiny balls can you make using tin foil? Once you have made the balls, see if you can move them into a container using a peg or your pinchy parrot fingers! 

3. Fine motor skills man

How fun does this look? All you need is an empty toilet roll, some scissors and some felt tips. Carefully use the scissors to make snips at the top. It looks like hair! Then you can use the felt tips to add a face. 

4. Let's get active! 

Here is a dance video I've found with lots of fruit and veg in, just like in our story this week :) 

Have fun today and I hope you have a lovely half term with your family. I'm looking forward to hearing from you all again soon. Stay safe x x

Thursday 21st May

Listening and writing: Wow we have recapped so many different sounds, well done! Today we are looking at k

Shape. space & measure: Today I am setting you another measuring task! Can you have a go at measuring some vegetables? Can you order them from longest to shortest. See if you can recognise some of the numbers on the ruler too. I doesn't have to be vegetables, it can be any objects that you can find :) 



Expressive Arts & Design: Miss Dunning has set you the challenge of making your own treasure map. Watch the video and have a go! 


Try and find some time to have



Wednesday 20th May

Hi Nursery! Today is set to be a lovely day so spend some of it outside if you can! Here are a few ideas of activities that you can try :) 

1. Draw a hopscotch and play with your family. Great for practising your counting and fun too! 

2. Make some chalk drawings. Perhaps you could have a go a drawing the Evil Pea or another character from our story?



3. Water play. All you need is a bucket, some pouring equipment (cups, spoons etc) and lots of imagination. What will you make today? 


4. Construction- Can you build a trap for the Evil Pea to stop him from doing naughty things? You could use recycling, Lego or anything else you find around the house. 

As always I look forward to seeing what you get up to later on. Have fun in the sun but remember to be sun safe! 

Tuesday 19th May 

Moving & handling: You are very lucky Nursery because today Mrs Monroe has made a very special Supertato exercise video just for you! Watch and join in with the moves! It's important to stay active and get exercise whenever you can :)

Challenge 1: Can you sort the foods into a healthy and unhealthy pile? It's important to eat a range of healthy foods to help you grow and make you strong! 

Challenge 2: Can you play a game of hide and seek just like the vegetables in our story?  

Challenge 3: Can you bring one of our vegetable characters to life? You'll need to find a vegetable or fruit and then give them a face! :) 

Listening and writing: Finally, here is today's sound video for you to watch and join in with :) 

Monday 18th May 

Hello Nursery! I hope you all had a lovely weekend. Firstly I want to remind you all about our Zoom assembly, today at 11.30am. Joining details were sent out last week. This is just for Early years and KS1. Hopefully you will get to see lots of your friends and teachers! See you soon! 


This week our story is "Supertato- veggies in the valley of doom!" Watch and listen to Miss Dunning read the story and then have a go at today's activities :) 

Expressive Arts & Design: Can you make your own Evil Pea

Shape, space and measure: Shape monsters game. Can you feed the correct shape to the right monster? 


Once you've had a go at the game, why not create your own shape picture using potato printing? You will need an adult to cut the shapes into the potato for you before you begin.

Experiment with different colours. 

What happens when you mix the colours? 

Challenge: Can you create a repeated pattern? 

Listening and writing: I have another new sound video for you to watch and join in with today! Today's sound is o