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Little Ribbons - Spring 2021

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The Little Ribbons team love seeing everything you have been doing!


This is our home learning page, check back every day for new ideas for you to try at home.

We would love to see what you have been up to so don't forget to send in observations to evidence me!

Little Ribbons stories

Week Beginning 4th January

This week is our Safari week. We will continue with this when we are all back in school but for now here are some more ideas you might like to try at home.

Let's Get Creative!

Tiger Mask

Can you make your own tiger mask?

Here is a printable version for you to decorate


Can you roar like a tiger?

What colour are tigers?



Tiger Plates

Or you might like to try this activity instead.

Ask a grown up to cut out the middle of a paper plate and then stick on eyes, nose and stripes to make it look like a tiger!



Listening & Attention

Lets practice our listening skills now by watching and paying attention to a song I have chosen for you, called

Walking In The Jungle

Can you guess the animal by the sounds you hear?

What animal are the children scared of?

The World

This activity will help to develop your play skills with small world equipment.

You can play with any small world animals, lego, duplo, small dolls etc

You might like to build a house for a tiger or use some of your toys to role play being on Safari - I wonder what animals you can pretend to find in your house!



What is your favourite animal? Why?

Mrs Coleman loves baby lion cubs - they are so cute!




Paignton Zoo Web Cam

Here are some live web cams at Paignton Zoo for you to observe different animals and see what they get up to!

Can you see any animals from our story?


Story Time

Here is a story for you to listen to abput being in a Jungle, can you name the animals you see?

It's called Monkey Puzzle, by Julia Donaldson and Axel Sheffler


Reading together and listening to stories helps to support attention and listening skills. These are really important when you start nursery to help you learn new things and follow instructions.

Personal Social and Emotional Development

How are you feeling today?

It's ok to feel sad, happy, angry, scared or worried and expressing these felling is all part of your development.

Have you done some exercise today and eaten some healthy food?

Maybe you could go for a walk with your grown up and eat some fruit

Could you spend part of today helping a grown up?

Perhaps you could help to make breakfast or tidy your bedroom

What toy makes you feel happy? 

Spend lots of time playing with things that make you happy

While We Can't Hug

Here is a lovely video for you to watch that might help during this difficult time we are going through.

Can you make a picture for a friend or wave and smile to people you care about next time you see them?

I hope we are back together soon Little Ribbons, but for now stay safe and look after each other!