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All children at Joseph Cash get the opportunity to undertake a two week intensive swimming programme in Year 3 and then a one week follow up programme in Year 4. The children go swimming to the AT7 centre, every morning, and learn basic survival skills as well as swimming technique include front crawl and back crawl. By going every day for a two week block, the children who are unable to swim or lack confidence make consistently strong progress.

What do our children think about swimming...

‘I learnt to be more brave in the water and how to swim on my back.' Albert

‘Swimming was good because it was fun and we learnt how to swim with floats and belts first. Then we could swim without them.’ Siyena and Klaudia

 ‘Swimming was good – I liked when we swam on our fronts and backs.’ Adelina


 and our staff...

‘I can’t believe the progress the children made over the two weeks. Some children went from being afraidto get in the pool to swimming on their fronts and back. Many of the children ended up without floatation devices and were really confident in the water which was fantastic!’ Mrs Burnside