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Peer Tutors

 What is Peer Tutoring?

It is an opportunity to create genuine leadership opportunities to support transition into adulthood, foster skills to be responsible citizens and promote social and emotional well-being.

There are lots of benefits to the individual and the whole school, for example:

  • Develops self-confidence and self-esteem

  • Improves communication skills

  • Increased awareness of how others learn.

  • Greater sense of belonging to a community.

  • Opportunity to develop positive relationships.

  • Helps develop a Growth Mind-set.

We have trained all of our Year 5 children to be peer tutors and partnered them with our Year 1 children. The tutoring happens every Friday afternoon with the tutors having 30 minutes to listen to their Year 1 tutee read.

Miss Sandhu, one of our Year 5 teachers said,

'Through peer tutoring, I have seen both year 5 and year 1 students grow in confidence with reading with one another and discussing theirs opinions and ideas about a book. This has been an excellent opportunity for year 5's to demonstrate their resilience, leadership and core school values. The year 5's  love mentoring their younger peer's!'

What do our children think about Peer tutoring? 

‘It is nice to read with others and they help me.’ EmmaY2 

‘It s good – I have learnt new words and friends.’ Sheena Y2

‘I enjoy Peer tutoring because it is fun to learn with Y1.’ Jessie Y5


 ‘My favourite thing is reading with my new friend.’ Daniel Y2 

‘The Peer tutor I have is amazing, I am enjoying helping him to read better.’ Ahwais Y5


‘Peer tutoring is fun but sometimes the children don’t like to read.’ Lucy Y5

‘I enjoy reading with Y1 and I have learnt I can approach younger children and feel confident.’ Aaron Y5

‘Reading is nice and calm, I enjoy being a Peer tutor.’ Kayhan y5  

‘It has helped me to learn new words.’ Rio Y2