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Year 6

Autumn Term 2018

Bronze Home Learning

  • Daily home reading (15 mins or more)
  • Weekly Spellings
  •  Times Table

Silver Home Learning

Silver home learning tasks were developed by teachers and pupils together.

Ancient Islamic Civilisation Theme – choose to do one or more of the following

o Write a diary entry from a person who lived during the Ancient Islamic Civilisation.
o Make a fact file about Ancient Islamic Civilisation – written on Powerpoint.
o Research Arabic numbers and create word problems linked to the Ancient Isamic Civilisation.
History and Geography
o Research the history of the language.
o Make a fact file about Ancient Islamic Civilisation.
o Research about the Emperors and create a timeline.
o Compare an Islamic country from the past to the present.
o Draw and/ or make a model of a Mosque.
o Create a pattern using a sequence and write instructions.
o Make a 3D plate of banquet food.
o Design and /or make an item of Ancient Islamic clothing.
o Draw/create an Ancient Islamic village
Gold Home Learning

Speak to our class teacher for individual English, Maths, Science and Theme weekly tasks