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In Reception, We send out home learning weekly matched to their children's interests and their next steps in learning. Parents are encouraged to complete the home learning challenges in their Home learning books or to email over any photographs or learning to reception@josephcash.coventry.sch.uk. A sample of this amazing home learning is added on to the display in EYFS or copied in the learning journals. 

Autumn 2019


Previous Home Learning Activities 

Life Experience Challenges
We love receiving all of your photos and observations from home. Here are some challenges for you to do as a family. Please take photos and send them into us so that we can share what you have been up to admin@josephcash.coventry.sch.uk


Help cook a meal

Can you help your family cook a meal for dinner?

You could cut up the vegetables, wash the salad, mix the ingredients, dish out the dinner onto the plates. Set the table ready for your family.


Visit the library

Have you visited the library before? They have lots of books for you to borrow.

Can you find a non-fiction book at the library? What information does it tell you?
Do they have your favourite story book? You can bring it into school to share with your class.

Helping my family with the shopping.

I’m sure that your family would love some help when shopping.

You could write a shopping list before you go to take with you.
Maybe you could help pay the shop keeper for your food. How much money will you need?

Washing up

After all of the hard work cooking, you could help your mum and dad with the washing up.

You can add the washing up liquid and scrub the plates clean.


Family Celebrations

You always come into school to tell us about a birthday party or wedding that you have been with your family.
We would love to see what you have been up to at the weekend.
Who’s party was it? What did you do there?


Have you ever been on a train or bus?

You can travel around Coventry in lots of different ways. The train goes really fast and the bus stops at lots of different places.
Did you get a ticket?

Spring Term Reading Questions


Spring TBQ's linked to interests/ Next steps in learning

 Please help me to learn the letter names that match the spoke sounds :)

   Help me play this game                          





We have been retelling 'The Gingerbread Man' and we've realised that there are some really tricky words in the opening sentences when trying to write the story.  Can you help me read and write these words?



New Targets are out now to support your child at home. Please use the 'tips' to support you. As always, you are welcome to speak to the staff every morning during 'Rise and Shine' if you would like more support. We look forward to seeing the children's progress :)