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4KT - February Learning in Action


In maths this month we have been working incredibly hard to improve our times tables which has really helped us when learning new methods for multiplication and division. We have really enjoyed applying these skills to investigate and approach problems in different ways working individually and in groups.

Here's our class in action...



We have loved reading more of our Class text: 'Who Let the Gods Out' by Maz Evans. We have been learning more about the characters in the story and their adventures. It has also helped us to understand more about the Ancient Greeks and their mythology.

The class, including Mrs Thompson,  have also been working hard to improve our handwriting and we are really proud of our progress. It was great to show off our amazing improvement at parents' evening last week!

Creative Curriculum

In Creative Curriculum we have been extending our knowledge and understanding of the Ancient Greeks and their incredible innovations. We have really enjoyed learning about the Ancient City States of Athens and Sparta and comparing their lifestyle and culture to debate which was the best place to live. This was a lively discussion which the children loved. It was great to see them working so enthusiastically in groups to develop and present their arguments to the rest of the class.





In Science we have continued our topic of animals and their habitats by learning more about how to categorise different species according to their features.

The children loved their research project where they were asked to choose an endangered species to investigate in small groups. They selected a wide range of creatures from across the globe which included the white rhino, giant panda, snow leopard and most interestingly the New Zealand Kakapo.


In MFL we have been learning how to count up to 40 in French and used this knowledge to talk about our pocket money. We also learned some new songs and enjoyed practising our speaking and listening skills, tres bien!