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December in 5AS

No Pens Day

We kicked off this month with No Pens Day, based all around preparing for Christmas!
We had a brilliant day filled with different crafty activities. The class took part in a maths competition (all questions were linked to a Christmas theme) before creating their own Christmas cards for RE using their knowledge of Christian symbols present at Christmas time. In the afternoon, we took on the challenge of learning the song We Three Kings, practicing it many times ready to include in the whole-school Christmas nativity video. Throughout the day, the children also recorded a part of our Christmas story, The Night Before Christmas, and overall it was an enjoyable day. We were all ready to get into the festive spirit!



This month, Year 5 have been continuing with the mystery of The Last Chance Hotel. Inspired by the recipes featured in the story, the children have been writing their own recipes for Fish Head Soup, Raspberry Pavlova and the deadly yet delicious Apricot Delice. 

We were also treated to another Q&A Zoom session with Nicki Thornton. For this session, the children came up with their own brilliant magical devices and inventions to share with Nicki. She asked some really interesting questions to learn more about the children’s inventions and gave some excellent feedback and next steps. There were many challenging “what if” situations that the children had to think through!
The inventions included detective glasses that could spot fingerprints everywhere, a targeted bow and arrow that could help catch a villain and a teleporter device. Who wouldn’t want to be able to flit from one place to another super speedily? 

Moving on from our recipes and magical devices, the children developed their understanding of metaphors, similes and personification in order to write brilliant descriptions of the Last Chance Hotel and the surrounding forest. We had a great time being creative and fully immersing ourselves into the scenery of The Last Chance Hotel; the children wrote some brilliantly imaginative descriptions using a range of techniques they had learned. 


Recently, the class moved onto a new topic of learning in maths and started thinking about statistics - reading information from timetables and graphs. We started by looking at timetables based on buses, trains and planes, considering the best time to depart/arrive and how long some of the journeys would last. The children were resilient with this new learning and worked hard to become more confident in reading timetables.
Shortly after, we moved on to reading information from a line graph and it became clear that sometimes line graphs are not always as simple as they might at first appear. With some practice, however, the children did well to improve their confidence with pulling information from a line graph. We are going to continue this learning when we return in January.

Creative Curriculum

As our learning about the Victorians comes to an end, we enjoyed learning about the important figure of Charles Dickens and his significant impact on Victorian Britain.
First, we learned about Charles Dickens and his own struggles being poor.

Did you know…?
Charles Dickens had to stop going to school and instead had to work gluing labels on jars? This was because his father was sent to debtors’ prison.

Charles Dickens never forgot about his struggles when he was younger so his stories focused on those living in extremely poor conditions, encouraging his readers to think more about how the other half live.
The children also engaged in a debate around whether all people should be allowed to read and enjoy stories. There were excellent ideas shared and the children worked hard to put their points across in a formal, reasonable manner.


In December, we continued to learn about forces.
The class enjoyed learning about how gravity, air resistance, water resistance and friction work and were able to use these forces to solve some real life problems and scenarios that might arise in which these forces would affect it.
We had great fun participating in a science investigation based around air resistance which involved preparing an egg in a parachute device in order to ensure it landed safely. Unfortunately, not all the eggs landed safely! Rest assured, they were hard boiled, though. One team won the trophy, ensuring that their egg survived three drops from the same height – success at last! All the children recognised that the bigger the parachute, the more air resistance the devices would gain. Perhaps with more time and another look at their designs, we could have kept more eggs safe.



Spanish Christmas Day

Feliz Navidad!
With the final few days of the Christmas term upon us, Joseph Cash enjoyed a ‘Christmas Around the World Day’, focusing on countries that speak Spanish.
Miss Dolman worked with small groups of children throughout the day to make pastelitos, a small pastry treat filled with caramel. Everyone did an absolutely brilliant job with the baking activity. Some children from 5AS even had the added challenge of instructing Miss Sandhu on how to make her own, although hers turned out a bit bigger than expected!
We also enjoyed reading the Spanish story A Pinata in a Pine Tree, the Spanish version of The Twelve Days of Christmas. The children did mighty well to sing along to the Spanish version which was certainly not easy!
To embrace the festivities seen in Spain over Christmas time, we also created Christmas mosaic images and made paper lanterns.



Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
We look forward to returning for more fun and exciting learning in January 2021!
Stay safe.

November in 5AS

What a busy month it has been! November seems to have flown past and now we are moving towards Christmas!


This month, Year 5 have been focusing on building and writing a newspaper report to alert the public to the shocking death of Dr Thallomius within The Last Chance Hotel. To refresh our memories about the events in the story so far, we had a fantastic time bringing the story to life in group performances! Each group worked together so well; they supported one another and showed a fantastic understanding of the story through their performances. There was also a definite hint of comedy in each group thanks to the very dramatic deaths of each Dr Thallomius!

Within our learning about newspaper reports, the children have explored different features such as reported/direct speech, as well as continuing to include expanded noun phrases, fronted adverbials and much more!

Although the newspaper report has been our focus for this month, Year 5 were also privileged to have a Zoom Q&A session with the author of our class text, Nicki Thornton! Having learned a bit about her background and love for reading in videos shared beforehand, the children came up with some brilliant questions to ask Nicki – we could have spent all day asking questions and finding out more!


More recently, we have been looking to create our own imaginative recipes based on the food mentioned in our class text. We all had a great time trying to give simple instructions for making a jam sandwich – it didn’t quite go as the children had perhaps initially planned!

Following on from our learning around column addition and subtraction, we have more recently moved on to multiplication and division! Miss Dolman has been introducing tricky new methods such as compact column multiplication and long division but all pupils have been so resilient and taken on each of these challenges!
We have continued to improve our times tables, which have helped with our current learning. 

This month, we have also introduced mental maths sessions, where we can revisit lots of different maths from the curriculum. We are beginning to regain our confidence in topics such as fractions and word problems, alongside completing questions linked to our current learning.

Miss Trodden’s maths group have been done amazingly well in their maths learning too! They did so fantastically well with their division learning that they were able to venture outside and take part in some practical learning! Check out your child’s SeeSaw to see more.


As the end of November approaches, we also come to the end of our first science topic, Earth and Space. The children have enjoyed learning a great deal about our world and the Solar System we live in, including the different phases of the moon, the importance of the Earth’s rotation and how this affects the weather patterns in different countries.
Moving on, we are now starting to look at forces such as gravity, air resistance and friction. The children started the topic with a fantastic investigation – they had to construct a device to protect an egg as it is dropped from a certain height.
Check out pictures from our investigation below:


Creative Curriculum
We have continued with our Building Empires topic and the children have more recently been focusing on the lives of children during the Victorian period.
The children first compared the lives of rich children to those of poor children.

Each class has worked hard to write a diary entry from the perspective of a Victorian child – whether rich or poor – thinking carefully about what the children might have experienced during their normal day-to-day lives.

Special Events – Aspirations Week / Interfaith Week
During November, we have celebrated different special events, including Aspirations Week and Interfaith Week.

Aspirations Week
‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’
We explored the different dream jobs in the class – there was such a tremendous range of ideas, including chef, mechanic, surgeon and even ice-cream van man! It was lovely to see all of the children so enthusiastic about their futures.
We were also lucky enough to meet (via Zoom) people from with many different careers, ranging from a cyber security worker to a paediatric doctor. The children came up with some great questions to ask our guest speakers.

Interfaith Week
During Interfaith Week, Joseph Cash was introduced to six main religions within the UK. We looked at each religion in turn, considering the differences between these religions as our learning developed.
It was great to see the children so open-minded and respectful of different religions.


Class Blog

Remember to head over to our class blog to check out some of our fantastic independent writing!
We have recently written about our dream jobs and thank you letters, having been inspired by the different NHS workers we met during Aspirations Week!


October in 5AS

As the night’s draw in, October – and our first half term – also comes to a close.
It has been a positive start to the school year and 5AS have been working harder than ever. Take a closer look at our learning…


As a class, we have read Part One of The Last Chance Hotel and things aren’t looking good for Seth Seppi. The children have been participating in dramatic readings and developing their understanding of the characters – and suspects – in the story.

The children have begun looking at features of a newspaper as they prepare to write their very own newspaper article to report the suspicious, unexpected murder of Dr Thallomius. Keep an eye out for these reports in next month’s blog report!


We have also worked hard to write character descriptions about our main character, Seth Seppi.

Have a read of some of our character descriptions that have been published on our class blog:






Since the beginning of the year, we have been practicing our 3, 4 and 6 times tables as a whole class. Miss Sandhu is so impressed with the determination 5AS have shown to learn these times tables not only forwards but also backwards!

This month, we have revisited addition and subtraction, using larger numbers (up to 1,000,000!) within our calculations. The class are gaining confidence with the column method, particularly when having to rename!



Our first science topic has seen Year 5 focus on ‘Earth and Space’. We all enjoyed creating mnemonics to remember the order of the planets in our solar system. We have learned more about the phases of the moon and how the Earth’s rotation/orbit affect things such as day and night and the four seasons.


Creative Curriculum – Building Empires

Following on from our predictions and initial exploration of our first topic – the Victorian times – the children have conducted thorough research into the life of Queen Victoria. Check out some of these fantastic reports below.

We have also learned about the Industrial Revolution and the British Empire. Everyone had great fun creating mini books about different Victorian inventions, such as the telephone, x-ray and the sewing machine.


Here's a mind map of extra home learning activities you can complete linked to our creative curriculum topic: 

September in 5AS

It was lovely to welcome you all back this month after our unusually long break. Take a read of our class blog to recap all of the amazing activities we got up to.


This month we read two new texts: Where Happiness Begins and Silly Billy. We all worked hard to use these books to talk about our worries and reflect on where we find happiness. We were creative; we: painted, drew, wrote and performed poetry, crafted our worry dolls, wrote letters and celebrated our learning with others.

We discussed the importance of sharing our worries with others and how this can help us keep a healthy mind. We spent time discussing routines, healthy eating and how we can contribute to a cleaner and less polluted world.

Charles Darwin – Voyage of the Beagle

We spent time learning about Darwin’s Voyage on the HMS Beagle and how this led to his Theory of Evolution.

We created Darwin inspired artwork, wrote a setting description of the Galapagos islands from Darwin’s perspective, researched about Darwin’s life and presented our learning on our fantastic double page spreads.


Phew! It’s been a busy few weeks!

Miss Sandhu


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