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20/21 4FV Blog

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This month we have been writing our very own version of the BFG. The children have loved generating and recording new phrases and using them in their writing. 


This month we have been focussing on our times tables with the main focus being on 6s, 7s, 9s and 11s. The class have all really enjoyed practising their times tables in class with everyone doing really well in the trickiest times tables.


 We continued learning about our topic animals and humans and researched different food chains and the children were able to share what the words: producer, consumer, prey and predator meant.


More recently, our topic has been sound and we have been learning about what a sound is and how sound travels from the source to the listener. We have enjoyed pretending to be the air that vibrates as sound travels through it as well as investigating the pitch of different musical instruments.


 Over the term, we have been learning about how to look after ourselves both physically and emotionally. We have discussed our emotions and what makes us feel lonely or sad but the children also shared different ways that they can make themselves feel better.


 This term we have focused on Christianity and the festival of advent. The children also compared this festival to the Jewish festival of Hanukah.

 We have had a brilliant and creative final week celebrating the festival of Christmas! 

Creative Curriculum -Riotous Royals

 We have continued our learning about the Tudors, but have moved on to learn about Queen Elizabeth 1. The children worked in groups to find out key facts about her life and reign, including England’s success during the Spanish Armada. The children really enjoyed acting out the journey of the Spanish and English ships!

Enrichment - PE, Music and Computing 

 Mrs Taggart has been impressed with the children’s multi skills this term, they have been practicing dribbling the ball using different sports equipment including, their hands, feet and hockey sticks.


It has been great to watch the children use their knowledge of seesaw and keynotes to create a presentation of their Tudor facts.

November 2020


We have continued learning about the BFG and have been learning about how to write instructions. The children used their new skills, to make Frobscottle using natural materials from our wildlife area.

The children have also been learning how to write a playscript. They applied these skills, in our creative curriculum lessons,  to write a play about the ‘Dissolution of the Monasteries.’


 This month, the children have applied their addition and subtraction skills into word problems!


 The children have learnt about how our body digests food including the role of the teeth and the different organs.


 Our focus over the last few weeks, has been our well-being and the children created some great learning around relaxation techniques before going to sleep.

The children have also participated in a number of live assemblies including: Remembrance Day and Aspirations week.


The children have been learning about the Christian festival of advent. They learnt about the advent wreath and what it symbolises.

They have also compared the Jewish festival of Hanukah with the Christian festival Christmas.

Creative Curriculum -Riotous Royals

 Our topic this term has focused on the Tudors, learning about Henry VII and henry VIII. The children were fortunate enough to meet King Henry VIII and ask him questions to discover more about his life and life in the Tudor times.

Enrichment - Music, PE, Art and Computing 

 In Music, we  have been learning about rap style music linked to the topic of Anti bullying. The children have enjoyed learning about pitch, tempo and dynamics and have had a go at creating their own lyrics.

Over the last few weeks, the children have been creating their own 'Tudor Roses' using clay.


Mrs Taggart has been teaching PE this term and the children have been focusing on their ball and game skills; specifically finding space, throwing and catching techniques and following rules.

October 2020


We have a had a brilliant Half term in English reading Roald Dahl’s BFG.  Year 4 have thoroughly enjoyed doing descriptive writing and collating descriptive phrases to describe fantasy settings and characters. The children loved collecting all the strange words used in the story and made mini dictionary. Well done Year 4




The children have been working very hard in maths this term. Particularly when learning about rounding to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000, as this topic is completely new to them. In order to apply rounding to real-world situations, we spent one maths lesson out on the playground recording the results of our long jump, javelin throw and sprint so that we could practise rounding the numbers.



 Our PSHE topic links to what we have been learning in science about keeping our teeth healthy. We have been learning about the different functions of our teeth and the class were interested to learn that modern day humans don’t need their wisdom teeth anymore. We also discussed how to keep our teeth healthy and what can happen when we don’t clean our teeth regularly.


This month in PSHE, the focus has been on well-being and creating a healthy lifestyle. We have talked about the effects that exercise has on your body, which has linked to our learning in PE, as well as the effects of exercise in our mental well-being. Similarly, we have continued to discuss what a healthy diet looks and how that affects our bodies and mental well-being.



Creative Curriculum -Riotous Royals

We launched our new topic ‘Riotous Royals,’ which focuses on the monarchy from 1066 – present day. So far, the children have learnt about King John and the rebellions, King Richard III, the impact of the War of the Roses and what life was like in Medieval times.



Enrichment - Art, PE, Computing and Forest School

In PE, the children have continued developing our athletics skills: running, jumping and throwing. We put our skills to the test in the Coventry ‘School Games Network virtual KS2 Pentathlon competition.’

 In Forest school, the children have been learning to use tools safety, tie knots and identify common tree leaves .  In our last lesson they were amazing using their new skills independently to create a leaf book; cutting wood to size, using knots to attach the pages and identifying some of the leaves inside. The books were beautiful, and the learning was self-led with huge amounts of problem solving.


September 2020


We started Our English this term by reading and discussing the text ‘When Sadness calls’ by Eva Eveland. The story narrates how the feeling Sadness arrived unexpectedly to a little child and how we can cope with such a feeling,. We discussed how our feelings can change depending on different situations and looked at coping strategies. The children had some great ideas and have a good understanding on how to look after our mental health/wellbeing.


We have been recapping on our previous learning focusing on the four operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division as well working hard on learning their 3 and 4 timetables. The Year 4 children were fantastic in the TTRS weekly challenge against Year 5 and we won!


Our Science topic this term has been plants. The children have found out about the features of plants, how they grow and what they need to survive. They particularly enjoyed their plants experiment growing cress in different conditions.

 Hopefully, we will grow enough for our sandwiches!

Creative Curriculum -Rainforests

We have spent September exploring the Rainforest! From discovering where the continents are in the world, to learning about which animals live high up in the treetops.  The children have loved it!

We started our topic by exploring different rainforest fruits including mangoes, pineapples, avocados and coffee beans. We then used our Geography skills to learn about the equator, where rainforests are found, the different layers and the changing climates.

The children then used pastels to create their favourite rainforest animal based on the work of artist Henry Rosseau. Our History skills were used to create timelines of the Yanomami  tribes found in Brazil and the children learning about life in a tribe!

Finally, our flourish event allowed the children to undertake a carousel of activities including: making rainforest fruit kebabs, creating traditional Mola designs using paints (we couldn’t find enough coloured berries to make our own paint!) and a traditional campfire including singing Mr Stanton’s Rainforest song…all together now:

‘Down in the rainforest….’




In year 4, we have been discussing what makes a healthy morning routine. Including how to make sure we are organised before we come to school so that we remember everything and also healthy food we can eat for breakfast. Then we talked about our own morning routines and how we can improve them.

We have also been discussing what a healthy diet looks like. Some of the children were very surprised to learn that tomatoes, aubergines and courgettes are all in fact fruits. We also talked about how we all should probably eat more fruit and vegetables as it can be quite difficult to eat at least 5 portions a day.

Enrichment morning - Art, PE, Computing and Forest School

In Art we have been inspired by the sculptures of Angela Schwer, we have studied he shapes and layering techniques of her work.

Year 4 have been amazing learners in Forest School, they have been learning to use knots like the clove hitch effectively to make God's eyes, learning to sort, describe and recognise different leaves and using bow saws safely and with increasing control.

Mrs Burnside has been impressed with the children’s Athletic skills this term, so far we have developed our throwing skills using Javelins and lightweight Shot Putts.