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RWI Sounds                                  Year 1 Common Exception Words                             Year 2 Common Exception Words

The orange buttons above will allow you to practice your sounds and common exception words.   It is really important that you keep practising these everyday, see how many you can get, can you beat your time?  If you know the year 1 words without having to sound them out, have a go at the year 2 words.  Go on challenge yourself!

Week beginning 13th July

Home Learning Project 

Week beginning 6th July

Home Learning Project 

Week beginning 29th June

Home Learning Project  

Week beginning 22nd June

Home Learning Project 

Week beginning 15th June

Home Learning Project  

Week beginning 8th June

Home Learning Project 

Summer Term 2 - Week beginning 1st June

Home Learning Project 


Friday 22nd May - Home Learning 

 Next week is half term so we will not be adding any home learning during this period.

However, there are lots of things that you can continue to do.  Check out the links to the online learning/games on the first

page of the home learning section, read/share a story each day, complete any unfinished work from previous days, check out the 

common exception words and sounds flips above and keep active.

Take care, we are hoping to see you soon!


Thursday 21st May - Home Learning 

Challenge:  1RH we need you to have a go at Spelling Shed.  The link is on the first home learning page.

1RB are top in the school, let's see if we can knock them off the top spot. 

Come on, you can do it!


Wednesday 20th May - Home Learning 


Tuesday 19th May - Home Learning 

Tuesday 19th May  -  Computing - PURPLE MASH   

I continue to enjoy seeing your Purple Mash learning. I have been leaving comments for you so please have a look. Thank you for some of your messages. 

As we have been home for a while now I can imagine that you have been enjoying time in your garden or in open spaces when you have had the opportunity.  As I am unable to spend time in my garden playing yet I have been doing lots of gardening, working hard to get it ready. Phew!!

Your challenge is to go on to PURPLE MASH ... I have set a '2 Do' for you to draw a picture of your garden. If you haven't got an outdoor space yet...like me, maybe you could show me what you would like your garden to look like.

Eg. In my garden I would like a greenhouse to be able to grow vegetables, lots of flowers and maybe a swing or bench for me to sit and enjoy the sunshine. I look forward to seeing your outdoor spaces.    Miss Muir

Tuesday 19th May   

Click on the P.E. link to find out what your challenge is this week. Miss Taggart and Miss Muir are missing seeing your P.E. learning. Please add the school twitter link @cashprimary and we will leave you a comment. 



Tuesday 19th May Art


Below is this weeks art session.  We hope you have had fun with the learning so far.  We have seen some great designs and models of your houses, and are looking forward to seeing more! Have fun!

Miss Taggart and Miss Muir.

Object art 



Monday 18th May - Home Learning  

 Today at 11.30am, Mrs Scott will be leading an assembly for the Early Years, Year 1 and Year 2 children and their families. 

Please read the letter below to find out more information. 

Zoom Assembly Letter KS1 

Summer 1 - Week beginning 18th May


Friday 15th May - Home Learning 


Thursday 14th May - Home learning 


Wednesday 13th May - Home Learning 


Tuesday 12th May - Home Learning 

Tuesday 12th May 2020              Computing 


Tuesday 12th May 2020             PE 


Tuesday 12th May Art

Hello Year 1.  We hope you are all ok and have been enjoying the art learning so far. Below is the link to this weeks lesson. Have fun. 

Miss Muir and Miss Taggart. 

Yr 1 Big art attack 



Monday 11th May - Home Learning  

Today at 11.30am, Miss Scott will be leading an assembly for the children and families of Joseph Cash.

Please read the letter below to find out more information.  

Zoom Assembly Letter 

Summer 1 - Week beginning 11th May 


Thursday 7th May - Home Learning  


Wednesday 6th May - Home Learning  


Tuesday 5th May - Home Learning  

Tuesday 5th May   Computing  


Tuesday 5th May     PE

Tuesday 5th May Art 


Please find below, today's Art session.  It follows on from last week, when we asked you to design your own house from the time of the Great Fire of London.  If you haven't been able to do this yet, take a quick look at the learning from last week and have a  go at designing your own house.  There are a few pictures on the learning to help, or ask a grown up to help you to search the internet for some more ideas.  The houses from that time look very different to now!  Use any old boxes, cardboard etc., you have around the house.  Be creative with what you have!  



Monday 4th May - Home Learning 

SUMMER 1 - Week Beginning 4th May 


Friday 1st May - Home Learning 


Thursday 30th April - Home Learning 


Wednesday 29th April - Home Learning  



Here is the art for this week.  I'm sorry that it didn't work the first time.  This is the same picture that I have put on Twitter.  Sorry again, Miss Taggart.

Tuesday 28th April 2020


This week Year 1 Miss Taggart would really like to see what activity you can do. For this challenge you will need to do the activities that spell out your name. Eg. A.L.E.X, Find A and do that activity. Next find L and do that activity etc 

An extra challenge if you find that easy would to be able to use the letters of our school, JOSEPH CASH, that will really keep you busy. Remember you can always link your learning onto twitter @cashprimary or email your learning into school. 

Good Luck!




YEAR 1 I have been looking through your online learning and hopefully you will notice that I have left you some feedback.

I thought you may like a lovely little activity. Miss Muir and Miss Taggart are really missing seeing your lovely faces and are beginning to forget what you look like...only joking but maybe you could remind us by drawing a picture of your face...we would love to see you.

I have set it as a 'To Do' piece of learning and you should be able to access it through your 'Alerts' along the top of your PURPLE MASH screen.

Thing to Remember:  1. logging on...using your log in details correctly

2. Accessing and completing the learning

3. Saving your learning

We have done all of these steps....I look forward to seeing your faces!


Tuesday 28th April - Home Learning 

Tuesday 28th April Art

Hello, we hope you are all well and have had a lovely holiday. 


Today's learning is below for you to complete.  We hope you enjoy it!! Don't forget to share your work with us on the school Twitter page or on the school email.  We are looking forward to seeing your designs, Miss Taggart and Miss Muir.



Monday 27th April - Home Learning 


Welcome back after the holiday.  I hope that you are all well and have enjoyed the sunshine over the last couple of weeks.  Don't forget to email the school@josephcash.coventry.sch.uk address to share your work with your teacher or upload it to Twitter so that we can send you a message. 

If you or your family need any support with anything or have any questions, please use the above email address and someone will get back to you.

Hope you enjoy your Home Learning!

 SUMMER 1 - Week Beginning 27th April