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RWI sounds                         Year 1 Common Exception Words                            Year 2 Common Exception Words 

 The orange buttons above will allow you to practice your sounds and common exception words.  It is really important that you keep practising these 

everyday, see how many you can get, can you beat your time? If you know the year 1 words without having to sound them out, have a go at the year 2 

words.  Go on challenge yourself!

Week beginning 13th July 

Home Learning Project  

Week beginning 6th July 

Home Learning Project  

Week beginning 29th June

Home Learning Project  

Week beginning 22nd June

Home Learning Project 

Week beginning 15th June

Home Learning Project 

Week beginning 8th June

Home Learning Project 

Summer Term 2 - Week beginning 1st June


Home Learning Project 




 I hope that you are all well and have enjoyed the sunshine over the last couple of weeks.  Don't forget to email the school@josephcash.coventry.sch.uk address to share your work with your teacher or upload it to Twitter so that we can send you a message. 

If you or your family need any support with anything or have any questions, please use the above email address and someone will get back to you. 

Hope you enjoy your Home Learning!


School Newspaper 

Click on the link above to read the whole newspaper!


Easter Holiday

Easter Holiday - Home Learning Pack 

Week Beg 6th April


Thursday 9th April - Home Learning  


Wednesday 8th April - Home Learning  


Tuesday 7th April - Home Learning  


Year 1. I have a quiz for you today. You will need to try and think back to when we had Violin and Cello lessons With Mrs Scott-Burt. I'm sure that will be quite easy as we has so much fun and you did very well with your learning on the instruments. Here are some pictures to help you remember. Now your challenge is..... to go online to: joinmyquiz.com

Then all you should need to do is enter this 6 digit number: 989355. You then enter your name and press start game. (You do not need to create any log in other than that.) There are 6 multiple choice questions. There are 4 answers for each and you have to choose one.

CLUE: Miss Muir wants you to remember when we talked about high and low sounds, that the smaller the instrument the higher the sound and the bigger they are the lower the sound. 

Have fun and Good Luck


Tuesday 7th April 2020 PE Challenge

Good morning Year 1. Today, I am setting you a challenge that you can take part in with your family.  You can find things from around your home and complete the challenge inside or outside in your garden.  I took up the challenge outside in my garden.  It was a bit tricky as the wind kept blowing my newspaper balls around! Some of you may remember this activity from parents evening. Then we used pine cones, but you can use what ever you can find!  You can count how many items you get in the buckets etc., and keep trying to better your score or give each bucket a score and add up your total!  Who will score the most?  Let me know how you get on! 

Miss Taggart 

PS My best score was 11!



Monday 6th April - Home Learning 

Year 1 This week I have added the final posses of the Mini Me Yoga. This is to take you into the Easter holidays. Now you have all of the poses to enjoy. You can be as creative as you would like! It really would be fantastic to see some of your Yoga moves.








Week Beg 30th March 2020


Friday 3rd April - Home Learning  



Thursday 2nd April - Home Learning  



Wednesday 1st April - Home Learning  

Tuesday 31st March 2020 PE

Tuesday 31st March - Home Learning  


Hi everyone. I hope you are all well and missing our PE sessions as much as I am!  Below is some things you can do at home this week.  How many more of the Bean game actions can you remember? Not all the ones we know are not on this list! Have fun and stay active. Don't forget to share any PE pictures on the Twitter page @cashprimary.




Mini Yoga 








 Miss Taggart would like to remind you of some extra PE moves that we have been learning in school.

 Dont forget to tweet your progress. Enjoy!



Can you name all of these shapes? 

How many different shapes can you find in your house? Go on a shape hunt!

Did you find all of the shapes?

Which shape did you find the most of?

Which shape did you find the least of?

Show list Show Grid

 Click on the box for the learning for today. 

Monday 23rd March - Home Learning  

This is the link for the Take a Walk Little Bear story map video: https://youtu.be/nWZNl0ZZ41A

  PE for this week. Can you practise some of the yoga poses.