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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!


It has been a great start to year 3 this year! For our afternoon learning this year we have started our new topic all about Rockhopper penguins!  

You can tell it is a rockhopper by it's crazy yellow hair! You might recognise it from a character in Happy Feet. We look at all the different penguins as well!




We started our learning by finding out about all the continents in the earth. After the first guesses of Grimsby and Birmingham, we went on to learn all about them. We can now find all the continents on a map and name some countries in them! You can play a super game to find all the continents here;




This week we looked at the equator and the Northern and Southern hemisphere. We found that the equator goes round the middle of the earth, the northern hemisphere is above it and the southern hemisphere is below it.


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