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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!


We hope you find the information on here useful

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In English the children have been learning about capital letters and full stops when writing their own sentences.


Read these sentences and write them down in your home-learning book using the correct punctuation


once upon a time a beautiful queen called queen matilda rode into her palace in a shiny gold carriage  she wore a long red cloak and shiny diamond earrings

Maths is fun!

In maths we have been learning about addition.


Use these numbers to make your own number sentences E.G. 15+2=


15           5           28          2          12          34       3


Now challenge yourself with these larger numbers.


37        29        56         48       95

Science Zone

In Science we have been learning about materials. Here is a game to play. Shout out the name of a material e.g wood, plastic, metal, fabric, glass, paper - who can find 5 things made from that material the quickest in your family?


This week in our 'WOW' week we had lots of fun building castles out of boxes and we also visited Kenilworth Castle.

Can you name any other famous castles in the UK?

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