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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!



KS1 Christmas Songs Performance

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(1/12/17) Some fabulous writing by two boys in 2MT...

Leapfrog Learning 




Creative Curriculum 


Have a look at some of our Maths learning!

Have a look at some of our Maths learning! 1

Year 2 - Read, Write Inc Learning

Year 2 - Read, Write Inc Learning 1



In English we have been learning about writing instructions.

When do we need to read a list of instructions? How many different types of instructions can you think of?


Write your own list of instructions to explain to a friend how to play your favourite game.

  • Hide and seek
  • Tig
  • Snakes and ladders



Here is a poster to help you write a great set of instructions.


In Maths we have been learning about place value


Which of these numbers has 6 ones?

36     45    168    156    16    678


Here are some fun place value games to play.


Make the correct number for the dinosaur

Shark pool place value


We have been learning about fractions

Here is a fraction wall to help you understand fractions a little more.


If you shared a whole pizza equally between 8 people how much would each person get?


In Science we are learning about animals and their habitats.

What does the word habitat mean?

Can you think of 3 different habitats you might find in the school grounds?


Watch this video to help you learn more about habitats.


How do we know if something is living or non-living?



Here is a fun science game to play.



                                                            Creative Curriculum

This term we are learning about 'Toys'

What is your favourite toy? Can you complete these tasks?

1. Why is it your favourite?

2. What is it made from?

3. Does it move - what makes it move?


What were your parents and grandparents favourite toys? Did they like the same kinds of toys you like now?


Find out more about the History of Toys