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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!



Christmas Around the World Day (Dec 17)

Christmas Around the World Day (Dec 17) 1

KS1 Christmas Songs Performance (Dec 17)

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Pupils in 1ED class completed some fantastic writing this morning - they all made lots of progress between their Cold and Hot Writes (1/12/17).

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Year 1 - Reading




Year 1 - Read Write Inc Learning

Year 1 - Read Write Inc Learning  1


We are learning all about the Tree Troll.

Go for a walk in your local woods and see if you can spot any tree trolls of your own.



Or maybe you could collect some sticks and make one.


We are also learning the story - Take a Walk Little Bear'


Listen to the story here


Dress up your favourite teddy and make up your own teddy bear adventure story.





We have been learning to count in lots of fun ways.

Here are some counting songs to enjoy.


Can you find the matching number bonds that make 10?


5        0        8         3          7        10        2         4         5          6






Creative Curriculum

Kings and Queens

Our topic this term is about Kings and Queens.


Find out more about the kings and queens of England

What is the name of our Queen?

Find out more about her on this website


Have fun making your own royal palace. Maybe you could bring it into school to show your class.


In Science we are learning all about animals including humans.


Find something out about your favourite animal

Where does it live?

What does it eat?

How does it keep itself safe?

How does it adapt to its surroundings to help it survive?


Draw or paint your favourite animal and find out 5 facts about it.


Look at this website for some fun animal facts.