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Home Learning 11.11.16

We have been learning to count in 2's!!!


We have been learning this counting by 2's song. We love it!! LEARN it at home!

Scroll down to watch it!




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The Counting by Twos Song ♫♪♫ | Scratch Garden

Go up into space as you count up by twos with a dog and a song on a crazy rocket cruise!

Monty The Magic Man!

Monty The Magic Man! 1
Monty The Magic Man! 2
Monty The Magic Man! 3
Monty The Magic Man! 4
Monty The Magic Man! 5
Monty The Magic Man! 6
Monty The Magic Man! 7
Monty The Magic Man! 8
Monty The Magic Man! 9
Monty The Magic Man! 10
Monty The Magic Man! 11
Monty The Magic Man! 12
Monty The Magic Man! 13
Monty The Magic Man! 14
Monty The Magic Man! 15
Monty The Magic Man! 16
Monty The Magic Man! 17
Monty The Magic Man! 18
Monty The Magic Man! 19
Monty The Magic Man! 20
Monty The Magic Man! 21
Monty The Magic Man! 22



30th September 2016 


 Hello Year One!


This week we have been learning all about adding, putting two groups together and having more! Maybe you could do some simple addition at home? You could get 3 cars and add 5 cars and see how many you have. You could write your sums down and bring them in for the rest of your class to see. I wonder how many you can do!



 10  20  30  40  50  60  70  80  90


Maths Home Learning 23rd September


Next week we will be learning to count in 10's to a hundred. You can practice this while you are at home, on the way to school or even in your head while you are cleaning your teeth!

When you have done this maybe you could learn to count backwards in 10's from 100 back to 10?


100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10


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Maths Home Learning 16th September


This week in Maths we have been learning to count up to and back from 20. See if you can do this at home for your family. Can you write the numbers to 20 and bring them to show your Teacher and friends at school? Next week we are learning to count objects. Can you find 20 things?

Have fun counting!


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Welcome to Year 1!


Dear Year 1 Parents/Carers,


Miss Gibbs and Mrs Page wish to send a warm welcome to all the new children in Year 1 and to all parents and carers.  We would like to thank you for your patience with the changing home time collection policy – we are trialling new ideas to ensure that your children are collected safely.





Please could you ensure that your child brings in a named P.E. Kit (Shorts, T-shirt, pumps) in a named bag. P.E. will take place on a Tuesday of each week. 


Home Learning will be sent out at the beginning of each term on a Friday.  Your child will have the opportunity to choose one piece of home learning to complete by the following Friday.  In addition each Friday, Maths home learning will be put on our website blog which will need to be completed by the following Friday. 


We are launching our brand new Reading Diaries this Friday so that children can share their reading books with you.  Please ensure that children bring their Reading Diaries and reading books each day.


If you have any concerns about your child please do not hesitate to speak to one of us to arrange a one to one appointment.


We look forward to working with you and your children this year.


With best wishes,


Mrs Gibbs and Mrs Page

Welcome to Year 1!


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Year 1 Curriculum Overviews

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Welcome to our Year 1 area. We will upload information as and when we have it.

Year one phonics screening starts next week and the children will be sitting with Mrs Nettey to read their words.

The children will have a selection of real words and alien words to read.

I have attached some previous phonics words for your children to practise.

If your child is unsure about how to say a sound, type the sound into google and it will help you.

Mrs Nettey

The children have been learning the sounds, 'ew', 'o-e', 'oi' and 'ai'.

Can you identify the different sounds in these words?

Stew, pew, hope, rain, joint, voice, slope, faint


In maths this week, the children have been finding more or less than a number to 100. They have been brilliant at finding more and less this week.

The children have maths home learning this week for them to practise this at home. If they complete it, have a go at these

Can you find 1 more and 1 less than






Well done to Siara for her amazing special mention this week. She has been trying so hard with her reading and has progressed to much!


Alien words for you to practise this weekend!

*Home Learning*

In maths this week, the children have been learning to write numbers as words. Today they had to write sentences which included these numbers as word.


Mrs Nettey eats ten apples and then she eats another five. At six o'clock she goes to bed and sleeps for twelve hours.


Can you finish off these sentences using numbers as words. What have you been up to this weekend that you could write about?


A fab stamp if you bring your sentences in!

It is really important that the children know their 2,5 and 10 times table.


1X2 = 2

2X2 = 4

3X2 = ?

4X2 = 

5X2 = 

6X2 = 


1X5 = 5

2X5 = 10

3X5 = ?

4X5 =


1X10 = 10

2X10 = 20


Please carry on until you reach 12 X ?

***Well done to Amin and Zohra for receiving their special mention this week! Fantastic learning you two!***

The children are amazing at retelling our version of 'The Gruffalo'. Ask them to tell you the story, you will be impressed too!

Can you help Mrs Nettey edit her writing?

it is friday night and i am having jacket potato for my dinner

What have I forgotten to do?

Let me know on Tuesday :) 



We have been learning all about number bonds to 20 this week in maths. Here are a few for you to try

10+___ = 20




Could you please practise counting to 100 with your children forwards and backwards?


Our bears are spending the weekend with Viveka and Koshan! I can't wait to find out what they have been up to this weekend!

Well done, Connor Allen for his fantastic week!


The children were AMAZING in their celebrating learning assembly on Thursday! Believe it or not- the children only learnt the text 'The Gruffalo' last week! They are a real credit to you and to us! Mrs Nettey and Mrs Gill.     

Well done to Ricards and Tomi in 1JN for their Special Mention in assembly today!
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