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Year 2 CPD

Our Year 2 teachers have had the opportunity to participate in the CCFC Primary stars programme. The aim of the programme is to use the Premier League and professional football clubs appeal to engage primary school children in the areas of PE & School Sport.


The lead coaches have worked with both our Year 2 classes to not only inspire children in PE (working on Fundamental Movement Skills) but to help develop the class teacher’s confidence, subject knowledge and skills in teaching primary PE and school sport.


They have also raised the profile of PE and leading an active lifestyle across the school, by delivering a number of assemblies and organising the 'Speed-shot' fundraising challenge.


Mrs Sidhu said 'It has been an inspiring programme and has really improved my knowledge and understanding of PE. I feel more confident in teaching fundamental skills and following a PE lesson plan.'


Miss Tee agreed, saying 'I have a greater understanding of PE, I understand how to differentiate the learning and have developed a number of techniques for teaching PE. More importantly though, the children have absolutely loved the programme and have looked forward to their PE lessons every week.'