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School Uniform

Did you know we sell some school uniform from the School Office?


You can now buy from us: (red) Sweatshirts, (red) cardigans, bookbags and pumpbags. Please ask at the office for prices.


All items can be purchased from Tesco F&F school uniform (online store) or Cat Ballou (Coventry city centre)  

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Please make sure that your child is following the school uniform policy.


  • All pupils from Nursery – Year 6 are expected to wear school uniform daily.
  • Grey skirt, or trousers.
  • Grey shorts or red/white summer dress.
  • White polo top
  • Pupils in Year 6 MUST wear a black jumper/ cardigan.
  • Pupils from Nursery – Year 5 MUST wear a red jumper/ cardigan.
  • All children MUST wear sensible school shoes.
  • Pupils MUST bring their PE kit in a small draw string PE bag. Bags MUST fit inside their lockers.
  • Large/ oversized rucksacks and bags are not allowed.
  • School uniform can be ordered from the school office.
  • Pupils not in school uniform will be asked why.
  • Oversized bags will be removed from cloakroom areas.