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PTA support this year - update


A big thank you to our PTA ladies who have helped financially support  several projects across the school this year. Every penny ploughed into school fund benefits all the children at Joseph Cash Primary.


£440         towards Reception Graduation gowns

£258.70    towards a Magazine subscription to support reading and writing

£275         towards purchase of water bottles for every child

The PTA, with Mrs Burnside, discussing their new and exciting fundraising projects!

The PTA, with Mrs Burnside, discussing their new and exciting fundraising projects!  1

The PTA discussing their next round of fun fundraising events!

The PTA discussing their next round of fun fundraising events!  1

Valentine's Day Cake Sale

Thank you to everyone who supported our Cake Sale. Every penny spent goes directly back into the school to help pay towards exciting projects that benefit all the children at JCP.

Meet the PTA.

Pictures coming soon



Hi, I am Freya. I am currently a full-time Carer at home.

I have a child in KS1 at Joseph Cash.  I am the Chair of PTA.  My role is to create agendas for meetings, arranging events, schedules and general helping our team of PTA.

We are always looking for new recruits so no matter what your talents, please come along and say “Hello”.   We are all friendly and approachable.



Hello, my name is Claire. I am the Vice Chair of our schools PTA.  I have volunteered within the school for the last 10 years, working in the PTA and as a Class assistant for reading.

I have a son in Year 4.  I enjoy reading and Astronomy.



Hi, my name is Manjit

I have 4 children 2 of which are currently attending Joseph Cash.  My eldest son is in KS2 and my youngest is in Early Years.

I have been a Parent Governor for just over 4 years and I also hold the Treasurer post of PTA for the last 6 years.  On Fridays I help run the schools Stay & Play sessions in the Dining Hall.

All of these roles help me understand the school.

I volunteer at St Francis Church one day a week, where I cook for the Community.

In my free time, when I get some, I enjoy drawing.  That’s all about me, so if you see me around school, come over and say “Hi”



Hello my name is Becky. I’ve been part of the P.T.A at Joseph Cash School since we started. I join the team as a parent: all my children attended J.C and when they left, I stayed on the P.T.A as a staff member. I work part time as Support Staff in Year 4 and worked in Early Years for few years before that, so I have been involved with the school a long time. I’m always around.

My role on the P.T.A is supporting and volunteering my time to run events and activities, to help raise extra funds for the school and students, bringing the school and families closer together to help our children. 

The P.T.A is a great way to get involve with the school and doesn’t take up a lot of your time. We are looking for parents who came spare a little of their time to support fundraising and have tons of fun along the way. We meet once a half term, one evening after school (sometimes if we have an event arranged we may have more than one meet but this can be arranged for everyone) to discuss upcoming events or activities we can help with or run. If you don’t feel you have the time to volunteer but want to know more all parents are welcome to come along to our meets to see what we are about and how you could help in other ways. 

What do the PTA do?

We are a group of parents who give our time on a voluntary basis to organise and run fundraising events for those in our school community.

Our aim is to use the funds we raise to provide ‘extras’ for the school. 


Donations made to the School this year so far include:


£600 towards the purchase of a new Key Stage 1 bike shelter

£425 to purchase books to support our SEN team in school

£250 towards a whole school pantomime performance



In previous years the PTA has contributed to purchasing the following items:-

  • £500 Donation to the School Bus
  • New noticeboards on the school playground, so Parents and Visitors can keep up to date with what's going on in school.
  • A newspaper subscription to support Literacy in KS2 classes
  • Year 6 Leavers presents.
  • Year 6 Leavers Party and food.


The association is run by a general committee and we always welcome new parents, family members and friends to either come along to our meetings to discuss any ideas they may have or lend a hand at one of our many events. It’s a great way to be part of school life!