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Spellings of the Week- 18.06.18

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Today in science, we looked at electrical circuits. We explored what would make a complete circuit and what would make an incomplete circuit.


This week, in English we began to learn the poem Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll. We needed to use our imaginations to decide what we thought the nonsense words might mean.





Day 4 of our WOW week: today we had fun making oven baked veggie samosas and Chocolate fridge cake. It was so tempting to lick  our fingers! Yum Yum!


Day 3 of WOW week: today we had fun riding bikes, trying out our archery skills and making bird feeders. We also had a very relaxing time sketching nature in the forest area


Day 2 of WOW Week was our trip to Conkers. We had an amazing time! The children behaved fabulously and were fantastic ambassadors for Joseph Cash. We watched a film in the 4D cinema, built shelters in the woodlands, had a train ride and played in the huge adventure playground. Phew! Everyone was exhausted when we got back to school!



TBQ: can I explore how shadows are created and changed?

Today we were trying to find out which objects had the darkest shadow. We planned a fair investigation and carried it out. It was fun exploring how shadows are created.


words of the week

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Class spellings.


Please see our class spellings. We will be focusing on these words throughout the week, including them in our learning across the curriculum.

04.05.18 - Science home learning


Design a product which will protect us from the sun. Make a poster to share your ideas.


Bring in your home learning by Friday 11th May